7-8 November 2024

Bogotá Colombia

The Ministerial Conference is invitation based. Governments, Agencies and Individuals that have received an invitation can pre-register here. The deadline for registration has been extended until the 31st of August. 


End violence against children

Every child deserves a childhood.

The Sustainable Development Goals commit the global community to end all forms of violence against children. Now, past the halfway point to the 2030 deadline, violence remains a reality for half the world’s children. The futures of one billion boys and girls hang in the balance.

There is opportunity, and necessity, to accelerate; to deliver a transformative shift on child protection. The first-ever Global Ministerial Conference on Ending Violence Against Children represents an historic moment; to re-imagine a world where all children are safe in their homes, schools, communities and online and make commitments commensurate with the global child protection challenge.

Convened by the Government of Colombia, with the support of the Government of Sweden, UNICEF, the United Nations Special Representative of the Secretary-General on Violence against Children, and the World Health Organization, this Ministerial Conference will drive policy change, marshal resources and demonstrate that violence prevention is possible. Ministerial delegations – along with children, young people, survivor and civil society allies – will unite behind a shared and bold vision to deliver an end to all forms of violence against children.

Together, we seek to achieve:

  • Bold new commitments – scaling from existing efforts, including those linked to INSPIRE

  • Re-imagined Member State-led initiative on child protection (“Pathfinders 2.0”)

  • First-ever global child/youth-led movement dedicated to child violence prevention

  • An internationally consulted Political Declaration

  • A platform for public survivors to share their expertise and experience

Together we can demonstrate that an SDG target of ending violence against children is not only aspirational but attainable.

The solutions exist – now it is time to take them to scale.


Over the course of two full days, the Conference will provide a highest-profile platform for showcasing national progress, announcing new commitments and amplifying diverse voices. Participants will convene – and pledge toward – priority child protection themes.

A detailed programme will be made available on this website at a later stage.

Day 1

Focus on high-level political ambition and commitment

Day 2

Thematic sessions to dig deeper on challenges and opportunities for action; Political Declaration on Ending Violence Against Children

Join delegates from around the world to raise ambition for a future without violence against children. Government delegations are invited to register by 31 March 2024


For any questions regarding the First Global Ministerial Conference on Ending Violence Against Children, or for guidance on how to register, please contact us. Please note, participation is by invitation only.